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Former Executive Vice President - Saga Communications, Inc

Steve Goldstein

“Mark does exactly what you hope a great imaging voice will do – give your station a signature sound that stands out from the sea of voices.”

Dave Van Dyke

President / CEO -  Bridge Ratings, Inc.

"How does one praise a voice on loan from God?  Difficult to do, but I'll try.

Mark Maurer has worked with me for years - during my tenure as program director and consultant. I've utilized his voicework time and time again. The reasons are many.  His smooth presentation and vocal acuity are the best in the business and his approach and sound fit perfectly with the energy."

Vice President of Marketing - Cox Media Group

Nick Roberts

"I believe the best voice is the one who sounds ‘bigger than life.’ No matter what anyone tells you, major companies still find the big most compelling voices to cut through. It’s still show business. That’s why I love Mark. His voice makes whatever your selling sound important, urgent and bigger than life. Mark not only sound fantastic, but is great to work with. He becomes a true partner for you – easy to work with – no ego and loves to please his clients. A great combination in my book!"

Operation Director - Cox Media Group Houston

Johnny Chiang

"Mark has been with us for years for one simple reason, het gets it! Timely turnaround and copy interpretation like no other."

Vice President of Creative Services - Ready 2 Go Radio

Matt Steele

"Mark is by far one of the BEST Voice Over talents I have worked with in the industry. He's reliable, his attention to detail is on point and he is excellent at providing fast turnaround. I highly recommend Mark for your next project!"

Program Director - 104.1 The Fish, Portland

Chris Kelly

"Mark is the man. Quick, responsive, and is open to coaching him so he will read it exactly the way you hear it in your head."